DEEPAN – HANDPANS – made with Love

2018 WAITING-LIST is open NOW !

Die BESTELL-LISTE für 2018 ist eröffnet !

The DEEPAN Handpans are made by Daniel Berger in Austria. The workshop is situated in the center of the Alps in the southern part of Austria.

Deepans are made with passion and love ! Since i try to make the world a better place – i give all my energy, to bring as many DEEPAN Handpans to you, who love to play them.

As you probably know, making a Handpan is not that easy. It takes time and it takes lots of energy from the one is making them. So i am limited with my output. I only hand DEEPANS to you folks that are tuned as good as i can do and are ready to “heal the world”. Or at least have the quality to make the world a better place with their vibes.

If you are interested in purchasing a DEEPAN, see the informations about at the DEEPAN purchase page.


Credit: Thanks to my wife, my kids, my friends and all of you who supported and still support me on my way to build the best Handpans i can make.